The Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli is largely deemed one of the most picturesque and, why not, most romantic churches of Venice (some say even at continental scale), which is precisely why it is often chosen as a wedding site. Being one of the earliest embodiments of the Venetian Renaissance style, the edifice strikes by its facade virtually completely covered with polychrome marble. The facade is embellished by pilasters and a semicircular pediment. Shiny and colorful, this place of worship has gained the surname of the Church of Marble, which is no surprise, given both the exterior and the interior are covered with this precious material.

The Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli was built between 1481 and 1489, and it is the result of the designing work of Pietro Lombardo. The purpose of erecting this place of worship was to provide a safe shelter for the icon of the Virgin said to have worked miracles in the course of history (the miracles grew the fame of the icon, flows of pilgrims flocking to the icon and making gifts and donations from which the church would be later built). The icon is still kept inside the church, proudly showcased above the main altar.

Speaking about the interior of the church, it too is covered with marble, the pink, white and gray hues filling the air with a charming vibe. Other interior highlights refer to statues by Tullio Lombardo, Nicolo di Pietro and Alessandro Vittoria, lining the monumental stair which leads to the main altar, as well as to the grandiose ceiling covered with paintings by Vincenzo dalle Destre and Lattanzio da Rimini (depicting scenes of the life of prophets). Briefly put, the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli is one of the tourist highlights of the residential Cannaregio district of Venice.

Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli (Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli)
Rio dei Miracoli, Cannaregio, 30121, Venice, Italy
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