Located some 7 kilometers northeast from Venice, the island of Burano (which, just like Venice itself, could be deemed a miniature archipelago) is the birthplace of the traditional lacework in... Burano


Just like Burano is famed for its lacework, Murano has built a reputation on the traditional glass production, cultivated here for centuries. The island is located a short distance from... Murano

Lido di Venezia

Lido di Venezia, the 11-kilometer long island which encloses, so to speak, the Venetian Lagoon, is, as the name suggests, the place where holidaymakers of Venice go to sunbathe. It’s... Lido di Venezia


While Torcello remains mostly a derelict sight, it is one of the most unusual destinations to visit in the Venetian Lagoon. Indeed, this unusual destination for the least mainstream tourists,... Torcello


The island of Pellestrina is located south of Lido di Venezia. Despite the fact it is not the most famed destination in the Venetian Lagoon, the island is worth visiting,... Pellestrina

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