The history of Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni goes back to the mid 15th century. Its construction is related to the rising of the Dalmatian community in Venice. The Dalmatian immigrants (mostly merchants and sailors) formed a consistent community, which is why the Venetian authorities decided the foundation of a brotherhood in 1451. The back then hospital of Saint Catherine, located in Castello, was chosen as seat of the brotherhood and, in order to make the building worthy of its functionality, the brotherhood commissioned its restoration.

The design of the building was carried out by Giovanni De Zan. The facade, as well as the interior, is embellished with works by Vittore Carpaccio (a cycle of paintings realized between 1502 and 1507), Pietro di Salo, Bastian de Muran and Jacopo Palma il Giovane. Thus, the facade is centrally pegged out by Pietro di Salo’s relief depicting Saint George Killing the Dragon (Saint George being one of the patron saints of the brotherhood, next to Saint Jerome, Saint Tryphon and Saint Matthew). Depictions Saint George and of the other patron saints of this historical scuola can be spotted on the walls of the main hall. We speak of the pictorial scenes realized by Carpaccio, rendering episodes like Saint Jerome and the Lion, Saint Tryphon and the Basilisk, Vocation of Saint Matthew, Saint George and the Dragon, amongst others. Palma il Giovane’s works refer to the paintings on the walls of the hall on the first floor. The ceiling of this hall is covered with scenes by Bastian de Muran.

Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni (Corporation House of Saint George of the Dalmatian Immigrants)
3259, Castello, 30122, Venice, Italy
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