Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo was retained by the history of art, one might say, as a revolutionary fashion designer, lighting engineer, painter and photography artist who had a great influence on the cultural scene of Venice (and not only) as from the beginning of the 20th century until his death, in 1949. A part of his lifetime work is now showcased at the Fortuny Museum, in the palazzo which used to serve as residence and workshop of the artist.

The building was the property of the Pesaro family until the late 19th century, when it was bought by the Fortuny family, after their coming from Granada. What is noteworthy about this Gothic palazzo is it managed to preserve unchanged the atmosphere of the residence and of the atelier, giving visitors the opportunity to piece out the life and work of Mariano Fortuny in its utmost genuineness.

The patrimony consists of a collection of paintings (which amounts to some 150 items), of a wide collection of photography, a collection of lamps, as well as of a collection of textiles. All the exhibits are displayed such as to make visitors understand the evolution of the techniques used and innovated by Fortuny, briefly put, the trajectory of his work from the incipient stages until the heydays of its reputation. Thus, one can easily grasp the amplitude of Fortuny’s preoccupations which, though eclectic, blend in an overall artistic vocation keenly followed by Mariano Fortuny for the entire duration of his life.

The museum and its inner patrimony were donated by Henriette (wife of Mariano, who outlived the artist) to the city of Venice in 1956. The museum is managed by MUVE, one of the chief advantages, as least as far as visitors are concerned, being they can use the Museum Pass in order to enter the museum with considerable discounts.

Fortuny Museum (Museo Fortuny)
3958, San Marco, Campo San Beneto, 30124, Venice, Italy
0039 041 42730892
[email protected]
Opening hours:
daily (except Tuesdays): 10am to 5pm
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