Palazzo Molina does not count as one of the most spectacular palaces in Venice. Located in Castello, it does strike by its massiveness and by the pinkish hue of the facade. The facade, however, has lost much of its past luster, the paint slowly decaying between the wrought iron balconies and the arched mullioned windows.

Yet, the historical references to Palazzo Molina turn the venue into a sight worth visiting. We speak of the fact this used to be the house of Petrarch (and of some of the members of his family) who, after falling in love with the ever so romantic Venice, decided to move to La Serenissima (where he stayed for 5 years, between 1362 and 1367). While the building keeps virtually no trace of the stay of Petrarch, the historical memory remains, so tourists keen on the life and work of the great Italian poet can just as well pay a visit to Palazzo Molina, even if only to complement their sightseeing tours in Castello.

Palazzo Molina (Palace f the Two Towers / Ca’ Molina delle due Torri)
4145, Riva degli Schiavoni, Castello, Venice, Italy
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