Lido di Venezia, the 11-kilometer long island which encloses, so to speak, the Venetian Lagoon, is, as the name suggests, the place where holidaymakers of Venice go to sunbathe. It’s true most of the beaches here are private, being owned by hotels or other tourist-oriented venues, but several fine public stretches of sand can be spotted at the north and south extremities of the island. The beaches are generally excellently fitted with leisure facilities, and the water and the seabed are favorable for family pastimes (the water is calm and shallow).

Even if the beaches are the chief attraction of the Venetian Lido, the island has plenty other to offer from a tourist point of view. There isn’t too much sightseeing to do in Lido di Venezia, except perhaps for the Church of San Nicolo, but there are plenty of restaurants and shopping opportunities to keep the tourists busy. A golf course is also located in Alberoni (the south resort of Lido), and some of the most important events in Venice are either partially or completely held here. The so-called Festa della Sensa, the spectacular Festa del Redentore, not to mention the reputed Venice Film Festival, as well as the winter celebrations (Christmas or New Year’s Eve), all these are part of the lively vibe of the island. The fact the summer headquarters of Casino di Venezia is located here adds to the list of reasons for visiting the celebrated Golden Island of Venice.

In order to get to Lido di Venezia, tourists can take the water buses operated by ACTV, at least as far as the public means of transport are concerned. Private and more expensive alternatives are also always at hand.

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