Ballo della Signoria is held at Villa Foscarini Rossi in Venice each year, in the same period as the much more reputed Venice Carnival (February or March, depending on the Easter). This is, roughly speaking, a masquerade ball intending to recreate the atmosphere of the 18th century Venetian balls. The guests show up under the guise of Settecento Venetians, wearing specific costumes and fans. The music and the menu (of course, the dancing and the music shows are complemented by a magnificent and stylish traditional dinner) are also inspired from the 18th century Venice.

The event is presented under the heading of “A Carnival of Emotions” and, indeed, it is precisely a refined thrill that guests (bookings are advisable for people who intend to attend the ball) are likely to get if Ballo della Signoria is part of their vacation agenda.

In order to learn more about the next edition of the masquerade ball on Riviera del Brenta, follow the indications below:

Ballo della Signoria
Villa Foscarini Rossi, 1/2, Via Doge Pisani, Stra, 30039, Venice, Italy
various dates (February or March)
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