The island of Burano is the birthplace of the Venetian lace production tradition. The presence of the Lace Museum on this island is, roughly speaking, the one sight which turns Burano into a destination worth visiting while searching out the Venetian Lagoon. However, the island is also home to the Burano Regatta, one of the regattas which put a stop to the regatta season in the lagoon, being held somewhere in mid September.

The female competitors row, as a rule, the mascarete, whereas men sail on two-oar gondolas. However, what makes the Burano Regatta unique amongst all the other regattas in the lagoon is it stands out as an opportunity for the competitors who did not win the great prize at the Historical Regatta of Venice to make up and try to win the next best trophy. Spectators can enjoy the race from the shore of the island. The ferryboat area is deemed the best spot to watch the competition.

Burano Regatta (Regata di Burano)
Burano, Italy
mid September
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