While the Venice Carnival is the most reputed event to be held each year in Venice, and a spectacular happening to leave a print in the memory of all people who, at one moment or another, attend the Carnival, it remains an event mostly tasted by the adults. The idea of a Children’s Carnival has occurred precisely in order to take into account the entertainment (and not only) needs of the little ones.

Carnevale dei Ragazzi is organized by La Biennale di Venezia, and its highly educational coordinate is more than obvious, the purpose of the event being to teach an important lesson: that learning can be fun and that genuine learning experiences are always accompanied by creative activities. Thus, the Children’s Carnival also features a strongly interactive side: games, exhibitions, performances and animation events are suggested to all parents who realize that their kids’ education is a priority not to be disregarded.

Children’s Carnival (Carnevale dei Ragazzi)
Venice, Italy
various dates (February or March)
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