The island of Murano is the epicenter of the finest glass production in the Venetian Lagoon, and even worldwide, some might say. Given the centuries-old glass production tradition, it’s no surprise that the locals accompany their Christmas celebrations with a glasswork-related event.

Natale di Vetro consists of an open air exhibition which extends throughout the month of December, from the Saint Nicholas Day until January the 6th. The Saint Nicholas mass, which is held at the Church of Saint Peter the Martyr, is followed by the so-called Tunnel of Light, by the Glasswork Regatta and by the Furnace Food. The glasswork exhibitions, which showcase the best of the locals’ craftsmanship productions, are complemented by live glassblowing demonstrations and, of course, by open air entertainment opportunities and music shows.

The abovementioned Glasswork Regatta is one of the highlights of the Christmas of Glass, and it consists of a race of caorlina boats (each of them rowed by people under the guise of angels or of other festal characters, representing a glass factory of Murano). The Furnace Food is a series of dinner parties thrown by glassworkers in their own glass factories. This one too is an essential part of the manifestations occasioned by Natale di Vetro.

Christmas of Glass (Natale di Vetro)
30141, Murano, Italy
December the 5th to January the 6th
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