The Venetian Lagoon is a world replete with all sorts of traditions, the production of Murano glass being one of the most celebrated of all. If purchasing a Murano glass gift or souvenir is one of the top shopping ideas while in Venice, and visiting the Murano Glass Museum is a crucial part of the sightseeing tours in the lagoon, in order to make an idea about the living glass production tradition of Venice tourists are also advised to attend the so-called Glasstress.

This festival is held every two years, and while it is a newly emerging event, it does enjoy its fare share of popularity. It’s true Glasstress is not all about tradition, since it welcomes the works of international glass artists eager to have their newest productions exhibited in Venice, but what is worth noting is, on this occasion, Venice turns into a place where, indeed, the centuries-old Murano glass traditional production joins together with the international scene, a wonderful clash which always results in nothing but a spectacular array of exhibitions of whimsical decorations, sculptures and design objects which stimulate the flamboyant imagination of people who want to bring a touch of beauty to their daily lives.

In order to learn more about the previous editions of Glasstress, as well as about its next edition, artists bound to exhibit their works and exhibition spaces, follow the indications below:

Venice, Italy
early June to late November
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