Mare Maggio is an event motivated, at least in part, by the great maritime past of Venice. While this event, which lasts only 3 days, maintains a strong connection to the tradition by the exhibitions and fairs which revolve around the presentation of old ships and relics of ships, in view of providing the public with an idea about the seafaring culture from its most ancient roots, it is also oriented towards the future.

Thus, there are plenty of interactive meetings, water sports races (such as the pneumatic boat rally and sailing races) and active sports workshops and demonstrations which focus on the contemporary side of the maritime culture, tapping into the future of the sea-related traditions, customs, technologies and, briefly put, way of life.

The exhibitions don’t focus exclusively on vessels or water sports-related items. On the contrary, Mare Maggio also makes room for exhibitions which showcase foodstuffs and drinks, cultural and leisure-related products, as well as interior decoration and design objects, not to mention the items from the clothing industry.

Obviously, Mare Maggio is an event which, by force of the density of its coordinates, appeals to a large public. In order to learn updated information on the next edition of Mare Maggio (which, as a further note, is held at Arsenale di Venezia, a place wide enough to meet the space needs of an event of such amplitude), complete program, exhibitors and sections, follow the indications below:

Mare Maggio
Arsenale di Venezia, Fondamenta di Fronte, Castello, 30122, Venice, Italy
mid May
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