Spending the New Year’s Eve in Venice has its particular shine and effervescence and it often results into an unforgettable experience. Traditionally, locals (and tourists, for that matter) gather in Piazza San Marco and, while carried away by the general enthusiasm, they listen to the live music performances in the company of the dear ones, they admire the fireworks and the general spectacular outdoor scenography (a light show which creates the illusion of a rain of hearts over the public).

The theme, so to speak, of this huge event is love. Indeed, the slogan which draws tens of thousands of revelers to San Marco is “come and kiss in Venice”. People actually do that, willing to welcome the coming of the New Year with love in their hearts and kisses for the dear ones. A similar event is held in Mestre, in Piazza Ferretto.

The New Year’s Eve in Venice acquires a picturesque and, why, not, spectacular vibe for tourists who opt for Lido di Venezia. Here, bold swimmers plunge in the sea in view of a demonstrative race. Traditional dishes (sausages, lentils) and, of course, wine, are then served to the delight of all attending dainty feeders.

In order to learn all there is to know about the next edition of Capodanno a Venezia, full program and the like, use the information below:

New Year’s Eve in Venice (Capodanno a Venezia)
Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy
December the 31st
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