The island of Pellestrina is located south of Lido di Venezia, and while it is not necessarily the ultimate tourist highlight of the Venetian Lagoon, it does have its range of attractions it can rightfully boast of. The Pellestrina Regatta complements the already overwhelming regatta calendar of the lagoon, inviting tourists to shake off the mirage of La Serenissima and discover its exotic, so to speak, outskirts.

This regatta is held on the same day with the feast of Madonna dell'Apparizione, on the first Sunday of August, occasioning colorful and picturesque celebrations on the island, all taken over by festal spirit. The public can enjoy the regatta from the shores of the island, and cheer their favorites: the ladies compete in mascarete, and the men row the traditional pupparini (the mascarete and the pupparini are vessels typical of the Venetian lagoon).

Pellestrina Regatta (Regata di Pellestrina)
Pellestrina, Venice, Italy
first Sunday of August
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