The Raid Pavia Venezia is ideal for speedboat enthusiasts to plan a vacation in Venice in late May. Either as spectators or as competitors, the participants come in thousands to this appealing race which draws once again the world’s attention to the lagoon. Covering a distance of 384 kilometers on water, the Raid Pavia Venezia is challenging enough to stimulate the curiosity of all competitors who want to test their skills and the capacity of their vessel (even vintage boats are allowed to enter the race) on the occasion of this already historical speedboat race.

The first edition of the Raid Pavia Venezia was held in 1929, and since then its reputation has been greatly enhanced, such that it has gained the rightful surname of “Dakar on the River”.

In order to learn more about the history of the Raid Pavia Venezia, former winners, as well as updated information on the race route, requirements one must comply with in order to enter the race and the like, follow the indications below:

Raid Pavia Venezia
Venice, Italy
late May
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