While Restaura is a major event held in Venice, it is not necessarily addressed to the large public. Restaura focuses on promoting the work of professionals who have actively and substantially contributed to the restoration and preservation of the cultural heritage. Indirectly speaking, however, it does appeal to the large public, in particular to people who know how to appreciate the architectural (and not only) heritage of the city.

Restaura, Salone del Restauro dei Beni Culturali, is held in early December at the Venice Passenger Terminal. The public benefits from free admission to the exhibitions occasioned by the event. In order to learn more about the previous and the next editions of Restaura, follow the indications below:

Restaura (Restaura – Salone del Restauro dei Beni Culturali)
Venezia Terminal Passegeri, 1, Marittima Fabbricato, 30135, Venice, Italy
December the 1st to December the 3rd
www.restauraexpo.it / www.bbccexpo.it
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