The San Pellegrino Cooking Cup is organized by the so-called Compagnia della Vella Venezia, a reputed sailing association founded back in 1911. The company organizes plenty of sports-related events all the year round, as well as regattas. The San Pellegrino Cooking Cup is, as one might put it, a gastronomic regatta. The event combines the thrills of a boat race with the delightful flavors of a culinary competition.

Competitors are required to prove their mastery both in terms of cooking and of boat racing, which is precisely why the jury consists of experienced dainty feeders, professional chefs and reputed yachtsmen able to asses properly both the cooking talent and the racing skills of the participants. The San Pellegrino Cooking Cup is an ideal opportunity for keen sailors and passionate gourmets to plan a stay in Venice in the second half of June.

In order to learn more about the San Pellegrino Cooking Cup, adjoining events and conditions one must comply with in order to enter the competition, follow the indications below:

San Pellegrino Cooking Cup
Venice, Italy
late June
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