Up and Down the Bridges is an event the nature of which is difficult to tell. This is, in part, a sort of sports event, though it is not a race proper. Participants are only required to simply march on the bridges of Venice, and virtually everyone can join the march. The registrations forms (or tickets) can be acquired from any of the Su e Zo per i Ponti booths set up in Venice on the occasion of this event.

What is also worth noting is, given the fact this is not a race (as mentioned above), it is a non-competitive march. Participants gather together on the bridges of Venice for the mere pleasure of walking and enjoying the company of their fellow participants. The distance covered by the march amounts to a little over 10 kilometers (for people who don’t believe they can make it to the finish line, a 5-kilometer route is also conceived by organizers). In order to learn all there is to know about the next edition of Su e Zo per i Ponti, map of the route, registration requirements and their prices, and the like, follow the indications below:

Up and Down the Bridges (Su e Zo per i Ponti)
Venice, Italy
mid April
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