During the Middle Ages, Venice was a fearful maritime power at continental scale, dominating the Mediterranean Sea with its thriving sea trade vessels. Its decline came no sooner than the age of the great geographical discoveries, when forces like Portugal and Spain took over the sea trade, enforcing their standards in this respect.

The Venice International Boat Show is, at least in part and mostly symbolically, an opportunity to reminisce about the heydays of Venice’s maritime dominion. In truth, this is an occasion for exhibitors to come and showcase their latest technologies and vessels in an ambiance of utmost effervescence for seafaring aficionados. The boat exhibitions are complemented by sports events, as well as by conventions. The show is, furthermore, organized on several sections conceived according to the intended use and capacity of a boat (a charter section, a yacht section, and an easy boat section, just to list a few examples).

Most of the events are held in Parco San Giuliano, but adjoining events are also held in the surroundings. Traditionally, this international boat show was held in the nearby Jesolo, but the next editions are bound to be organized in Venice. For complete and updated information on the next edition of Salone Nautico Internazionale di Venezia, follow the indications below:

Venice International Boat Show (Salone Nautico Internazionale di Venezia)
Venice, Italy
mid April
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