Culture and tourism have always been two of the main coordinates of Venice’s reputation worldwide. It’s true its centuries-old cultural reputation precedes its tourist prestige, but the bottom line is, at present at least, visitors can forget all about shopping, nightlife, nature beauties or even sports opportunities while in Venice. Venice will always have its culture, which is enough to render the lagoon a world of utmost tourist appeal. Viaggiandum Est brings together culture and tourism, but not only at local scale.

The tourist operators attending the event have also the opportunity to present sundry other Italian destinations while pointing out their cultural heights. This is an ideal opportunity for the public at large to realize that cultural tourism is a sustainable branch of tourism and that culture in general is of no little significance for the tourist standing of any destination.

The exhibitions, workshops and other events occasioned by Viaggiandum Est are hosted at the Venice Passenger Terminal, and they are held in early December. In order to learn more about the previous and the following editions of Viaggiandum Est, use the indications below:

Viaggiandum Est (Borsa del Turismo Culturale Viaggiandum Est)
Venezia Terminal Passegeri, 1, Marittima Fabbricato, 30135, Venice, Italy
December the 3rd
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