Venice is a place where tens of regattas are organized throughout the year. The Witches Regatta, however, counts as one of the most spectacular of all, being, at the same time, the first organized each year. It is held on January the 6th, and it is the Venetians' manner of celebrating the Epiphany.

The festival consists of a boat race on the Grand Canal, from Rialto to San Toma. The vessels (called “mascareta”, typical Venetian boats) are rowed by some 50 men under the guise of witches. Each mascareta is rowed by a single man with only one oar. The stake of the race is to reach the huge stocking suspended from the Rialto Bridge.

The public encourages their favorites from the banks of the Grand Canal, and the atmosphere is quite electrifying. This is, definitely, one of the most genuinely Venetian happenings to take place in the lagoon each year.

Witches Regatta (Regatta delle Befane)
Venice, Italy
January the 6th
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