Casa Pisani Canal

  1. Hotel Casa Pisani Canal Venice

Address: Cannaregio 6105 - 30131 Venezia

Casa Pisani Canal Casa Pisani Canal is a small hotel in the center of Venice and it is part of palace of Alvise Pisani, where in the XVI century the Doge was used to give his parties. The palace face directly the Santa Marina Canal and the famous Casanova Palace. Situated close the San Marco...

Locanda Del Ghetto

  1. Hotel Locanda Del Ghetto Venice

Address: Cannaregio 2892-2893, 30121 Venice

The Locanda del Ghetto is housed in a 16th century building that was redecorated in the 17th century. The building is also home to the Italian Schola Synagogue and the Jewish Museum of Venice (next to the guesthouse). The Locanda del Ghetto's ambiance and furnishings are minimal and essential, in keeping with the historical context...

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