Casa Pisani Canal

  1. Hotel Casa Pisani Canal Venice

Address: Cannaregio 6105 - 30131 Venezia

Casa Pisani Canal Casa Pisani Canal is a small hotel in the center of Venice and it is part of palace of Alvise Pisani, where in the XVI century the Doge was used to give his parties. The palace face directly the Santa Marina Canal and the famous Casanova Palace. Situated close the San Marco...

Ca Bauta

  1. Hotel Ca Bauta Venice

Address: Castello - Calle Muazzo, 6457

Ca' Bauta takes its guests to make a travel between memory and present, where ancient suggestions blend with the most authentic dimension of daily, just that a Venetians will advice to those who would like to understand the delicates balances between light and shade, between lightness and solidity, between earth and water, on which the...

Locanda Ca Del Brocchi

  1. Hotel Locanda Ca Del Brocchi Venice

Address: Rio Terà S. Vio 470 - 30123 Venezia

Only ten minutes from Saint Mark's Square and a few steps from the prestigious Guggenheim Museum, rises between the streets and lumenous gardens a small 16th century building, the Cà del Brocchi Guesthouse. On your arrival you will find a young and modern service, hopefully impeccable to allow you to spend, in a cordial and...

Casa Santa Maria Formosa

  1. Hotel Casa Santa Maria Formosa Venice

Address: Castello 5841, 30100 Venice

This hotel is located in the heart of Venice, just a stroll from St. Mark's Square and Rialto Bridge, but has a calm, secluded position despite the large number of tourists... The rooms of Locanda Formosa accurately recreate the old sophistication and style of 1700 Venice. An atmosphere of subtle romance...

Foresteria Fondazione Levi

  1. Hotel Foresteria Fondazione Levi Venice

Address: San Marco 2894 - 30124 Venezia

Locanda Ca Valeri

  1. Hotel Locanda Ca Valeri Venice

Address: Castello - 30010 Venice

Within the maze of typical Venetian lanes and squares of the most authentic Venice region, 5 minutes from the marvelous Riva degli Schiavoni, St. Mark's Square, and Ducal Palace, Ca' Valeri welcomes guests like a luxury residence or a boutique hotel within the warmth of an antique private home where an atmosphere of charm and...

San Lio Tourist House

  1. Hotel San Lio Tourist House Venice

Address: Campo San Lio - 30122 Venezia


  1. Hotel Certosa Venice

Address: Isola Della Certosa, Venezia

The Vento di Venezia Certosa Hotel is setting in the Certosa Island, in the heart of the Venetian's lagoon. The hotel offers comfortable double and single rooms looking on the lagoon and on the well-groomed area of the Certosa Island. The hotel is furnishing with 25 sleeping accomodations, homely common rooms set up with...

Locanda La Corte

  1. Hotel Locanda La Corte Venice

Address: Castello 6317 · 30122 Venice

A splendid age-old Venetian courtyard is the very pleasant prelude to the Locanda La Corte, an exclusive bed & breakfast in the heart of Venice. The 16 rooms at Locanda La Corte are as comfortable as you could want from accommodations at a B&B, boutique hotel or charming hotel in Venice...

Murano Palace

  1. Hotel Murano Palace Venice

Address: Fondamenta Vetrai, 77 - 30141 Venice

The Murano Palace inn is a small oasis of tranquility, equipped with every amenity and offering the hospitality of a charm hotel. Created from an old eighteenth-century house and a palace from the early twentieth century, it is situated in the heart of the island of Murano, overlooking the splendid Rio dei Vetrai (Glassmakers' Canal)....


  1. Hotel Rigel Venice

Address: Via Enrico Dandolo 13, Venezia Lido

The hotel Rigel, built in the 60's, is situated on one of the most important islands of Venice. Its importance and uniqueness are due to being the only one facing the Adriatic Sea on one side and on the other the basin of St. Mark's, just before the historical Square of St.Mark's, centre of the...


  1. Hotel Riviera Venice

Address: Gran Viale, 5 VENEZIA LIDO

Stylish furnishing, even in the smallest details and in large rooms, creates the right atmpsphere. Discret, silent, enveloping, an unbeatable and romantic refuge at the end of a busy day.

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