The Church of San Moise is located in San Marco, pertaining to the same parish as the Church of San Fantin and the Saint Mark’s Basilica. It’s true the basilica overshadows, at least from a tourist point of view, the smaller Church of San Moise, but for thorough visitors of the lagoon who don’t want to miss out the hidden gems of the city, the latter is a definite stop on the tourist circuit.

Much of the structure of the present edifice dates back to the 9th century when a former place of worship dedicated to Moses (Venetians are known for their custom of sanctifying the prophets of the Old Testament, a practice largely observed probably under the influence of the Byzantine traditions) was rebuilt with the financial support of a certain Moise Venier. However, the most eye-catching – by some, even ostentatious – architectural feature refers to the lushly ornate facade of the church. It was designed by Alessandro Tremignon in 1668, containing sculptural elements attributed to Heinrich Meyring (an Austrian artist). While certain connoisseurs incline to consider the abundance of decorations exceeds the guidelines of the canonical Baroque style, the Venetians know how to treasure the church, being very fond of the small Chiesa di San Moise.

Heinrich Meyring also designed the altarpiece inside the church (impressive by its dimensions), depicting scenes of the Old Testament related to the story of Moses, whereas another notable inner highlight refers to Roccatagliata brothers’ bronze relief which depicts the Deposition, a work created in 1633 (placed in the sacristy). A Pieta from 1732 can also be admired inside the church.

Church of San Moise (Chiesa di San Moise)
Campo San Moise, San Marco, Venice, Italy
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