San Marco is the one sestiere of Venice which clusters the highest number of tourist attractions. Things turned out this way due to the fact San Marco has always been the political and religious, not to mention social, hub of Venice. Piazza San Marco is an integral part of the San Marco sestiere (or district, so to speak, in order to approximate this administrative unit).

San Marco is truly a unique sight, if not worldwide, at least in Europe. Visitors who come to San Marco, in particular to the namesake piazza, usually experience a moment of unforgettable dreamlike quality. The square is said to be the only urban public space where all sorts of sounds (voices, environmental nature noises) pierce the atmosphere with utmost acuity, since no noises produced by the motorized traffic reach the square with their leveling effect.

San Marco, is, briefly put, a bundle of sights, some of the most famed in the entire Venice even. Palaces and museums, churches and monuments, cafes and restaurants, as well as shops, all cater for a wide range of tourists, welcoming visitors with an overwhelming array of opportunities.

The Island of San Giorgio Maggiore is, administratively speaking, part of San Marco, despite the considerable geographical distance between San Marco and the island.

Museums in San Marco: National Museum of Archeology, Clock Tower, Correr Museum, Fortuny Museum, Doge’s Palace, Marciana National Library

Places of worship in San Marco: Saint Mark’s Basilica, Church of San Moise, Church of Santa Maria del Giglio, Church of Santa Maria della Fava, Church of Santo Stefano, Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Church of San Beneto, Church of San Salvador, Church of San Zulian

Monuments in San Marco: Columns of Saint Mark and Saint Theodore, Bridge of Sighs

Palaces in San Marco: Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti, Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, Palazzo Grassi, Fondaco dei Tedeschi

Theaters and concert halls: Teatro la Fenice, Teatro Goldoni

Historical cafes and restaurants in San Marco: Grancaffe Quadri, Caffe Florian, Antico Martini, Bistrot de Venise

Parks and public thoroughfares in San Marco: Giardinetti Reali, Piazza San Marco, Mercerie

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