While the green spaces in Venice are quite scarce as compared to other worldwide renowned destinations, there are a handful of public parks and gardens which, by their beauty and tranquil vibe, can make up for the lack of diversity. The Royal Gardens are ideal for spending a few relaxing moments after a sightseeing spree in San Marco. The so-called Giardinetti Reali stretch between Piazza San Marco and the Grand Canal, and, as some tend to believe, the venue could be much more appealing if the authorities maintained it more carefully.

The Royal Gardens were laid out by order of Napoleon himself, in the 19th century, but little calls forth their former splendor. The gardens remain, however, a place were visitors can relax on the plentiful benches or even have a pleasant picnic in the areas which are not enclosed by fences in view of sundry maintenance purposes.

Giardinetti Reali (Royal Gardens)
San Marco, Venice, Italy
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