The Natural History Museum of Venice is yet another sight which enriches the huge tourist patrimony of the Grand Canal of Venice. The museum is located in the so-called Fondaco dei Turchi, a historical edifice which dates back to the 13th century. The building has been home to this museum since 1923, a moment when the specific collections took over the exhibition space formerly occupied by the patrimony of the Correr Museum. MUVE is the entity in charge with running the Natural History Museum of Venice which means that, amongst others, holders of a Museum Pass enjoy consistent discounts in terms of admission prices.

Part of the botanical and zoological specimens, as well as sundry entomological exhibits, fossils and museum pieces with ethnographic value used to belong to the Correr Museum, but now they pertain to the patrimony of the Natural History Museum. The mission of this cultural venue is to form an image of the evolution of life in the Venetian Lagoon in all its complexity by means of all these collections which amount to about two million exhibits. Thus, some of the highlights refer to a complete dinosaur skeleton, the splendid butterfly collection and to the aquarium (called the Tegnue Aquarium) located on the ground floor. The first floor also shelters a library which comprises some 40,000 volumes.

Also worthy of attention is the educational coordinate of the museum’s mission, as well as the strong family-oriented and interactive character of the activities organized under its patronage.

Natural History Museum of Venice (Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia)
1730, Sestiere Santa Croce, 30135, Venice, Italy
0039 041 2750206
0039 041 721000
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Opening hours:
1st June to 31st October: 10am to 6pm; 1st November to 31st May: 9am to 5pm
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