Located in Santa Croce, Fondaco dei Turchi is one of the most impeccable examples of the Byzantine style architecture in Venice. The palace was built in the 13th century, and it largely preserved its original structure (except for the two side towers, added in the 19th century), despite the 20-year period (1860 to 1880) when it underwent significant restoration works (works required by the precarious state in which the passage of time left the building).

The history of Fondaco dei Turchi is intimately linked to the history of the Turkish community in Venice (from where its name derives). For about two centuries (the 17th century to 1838), the building was inhabited by the members of the Turkish community who came to Venice in order to expand their trade. After a period of notable dereliction which gradually led to the decay of the building, as said, it was restored and, thus, turned into a venue able to serve the cultural scene of the city.

Thus, Fondaco dei Turchi used to be home to the collections of the Correr Museum (between 1890 and 1923) which were later transferred to the current location of the museum, only to give way to the extensive collections of yet another museum in Venice, that is, the Natural History Museum of Venice.

Fondaco dei Turchi
1730, Sestiere Santa Croce, 30135, Venice, Italy
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